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Volunteer Programme to work with Youth offers a lived experience for male and female

Parallel to the development of the youth retreats will be a volunteer programme running at the centre where young adults, male and female (all who have received child protection vetting) will be invited to give a period of time to live in the centre and support the project enabling them to get a feel for the life of the congregation and the charism of the Sacred Hearts.  This is very much in its embryonic stage but it is hoped as the initiative develops it will become a reality.

Shane says, “The jump from so-called ‘ordinary life’ to the religious life is huge and we believe that we need a middle stage where young discerning people can come and be part of something exciting and see if the life appeals either as a religious or indeed as an active lay person in the congregation.”

Provincial of the Congregation, Derek Laverty, SS.CC., says “We see this as answering a tangible need in a country crying out for the Good News!  It is our hope that we become a national centre for this type of day or residential retreat and in so doing offer opportunities for youth evangelisation.  At the same time our plans to implement a volunteer programme will provide those interested in our Congregation’s way of life, either as a lay or religious with an opportunity to put their shoulder to the wheel!”.

Any young person interesting in volunteering for a period of time at this residential programme in Tanagh, please contact Br Ultan Naughton SS.CC on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in the first instance.

More information on and  or telephone +353(0) 49 555 2245