Congregation Reflects on its Charism


At the end of the Assembly last year, leaders of the three branches of the Congregation met to explore the charism in light of a rapidly changing Church within Ireland and England. This, perhaps, was the first time that brothers, sisters and lay associates together contemplated the charism and explored together where it might lead... a significant shift from focusing on ministry and community from within the respective groups.

What is this charism? For our founders and for the SSCC it is a particular insight, intuition, experience of God that shapes and forms how we are with each other (community) and how we reach out to others (mission). This insight leads us to an awareness of God who overlooks, who pardons, who understands, who is with us in our weakness. In these uncertain and stressful times in the world and in the church people are looking for reassurance, guidance, support and compassion. We have something to offer. What might be the ways that brothers, sisters and laity can take this conviction forward and be the Good News that we are called to transmit to church and world?

The SSCC brothers, sisters and lay associates were asked to reflect on this over the weeks ahead and look at possible practical ways to bring this forward.