Silent Retreat - Bishop Brendan Comiskey SS.CC.

IT HAVE TO BE SO COMPLCATED? 5 Day Silent Retreat with Bishop Comiskey

Emmaus Retreat House Swords August 16-21 2011

Pope John XXIII once wrote in his diary: “The older I grow the more
clearly I perceive the dignity and winning beauty of simplicity in thought,
conduct and speech; a desire to simplify all that is complicated and to treat
everything with the greatest naturalness and clarity. I must strip my vines of
all useless foliage and concentrate on what is truth, justice and charity.”

What attracts people to Jesus Christ is the simplicity of his teaching.
Whenever he was asked for his great secret of how to live a good and happy life,
here and hereafter, his answer was always quite simple, “Follow me!” If it’s so
simple, why do so relatively few ever try it?

Start date: 16/8/2011
End date:
Time: 5pm Tues 16th Aug - 2.30pm 21st Aug 2011
Price: €420
Residential or €270 Non Residential